Tournament rules

All games are played under the guise of the ACF Code of Ethics and the FIDE Laws of Chess.

For the event’s Terms & Conditions and Tournament Policies, please click the download button. The main points are paraphrased below. Child Safety policies and rules related to children are published on the Junior website.

Time controls:

All tournament games will be played with a time control. The time control will alter from tournament to tournament, but will always have an initial allotted time for each player plus an increment that will be awarded at the completion of each move made. Please refer to the Time Control section in the terms and conditions section for more detailed information.


Please consult the T&C’s document using the above Download button.

Australian Championship

  • No half point byes are allowed in the Australian Championship

Australian Reserves, Major and Minor Divisions

  • One half point bye is allowed and only in the first six rounds and only by prior arrangement with the Chief Arbiter


  • The forfeit time for all Classical tournaments – where players start with one (1) or more hours – is thirty (30) minutes from the commencement of play.
  • There is no forfeit time for all Rapid and Blitz tournaments – where players start with less than one (1) hour – instead, a player forfeits if the time on their clock eclipses without them arriving at the board.

Electronic devices:

Players are not permitted to have any electronic devices on their person if their game is in progress; unless prior approval was given to them by an Aus Chess Champ official. This is not limited to only mobile phones, but any device that can receive external transmissions. If a player is found to have such a device on their person whilst in a game may be issued a penalty, which could include but not limited to; deduction of their remaining thinking time, additional thinking time for their opponent, forfeiture of their game.

Photography and Videography:

  • Only authorised photographers may take photographs within the playing venue. All other photography can only be taken with prior consent from the Aus Chess Champ organisers.
  • Official event photographers as designated by the Organiser shall be allowed to take photos at any time during or in between each round – without the use of a flash.