Championship Timetable

The events are all held at Glenunga International High School.

Tue 2nd1pmAustralian Championship Opening CeremonySat 6th10amAllegro Open
2pmAustralian Championship Round 12:30pmAustralian Blitz Championship
Australian Reserves Round 1Sun 7th2pmAustralian Championship Round 7
Classic Major Round 1Australian Reserves Round 7
Classic Minor Round 1Classic Major Round 7
Wed 3rd9:30amAustralian Championship Round 2Classic Minor Round 7
Australian Reserves Round 2Mon 8th2pmAustralian Championship Round 8
Classic Major Round 2Australian Reserves Round 8
Classic Minor Round 2Classic Major Round 8
2:30pmAustralian Championship Round 3Classic Minor Round 8
Australian Reserves Round 3Tue 9th2pmAustralian Championship Round 9
Classic Major Round 3Australian Reserves Round 9
Classic Minor Round 3Classic Major Round 9
Thu 4th2pmAustralian Championship Round 4Classic Minor Round 9
Australian Reserves Round 4Wed 10th2pmAustralian Championship Round 10
Classic Major Round 4Australian Reserves Round 10
Classic Minor Round 4Classic Major Round 10
Fri 5th9:30amAustralian Championship Round 5Classic Minor Round 10
Australian Reserves Round 5Thu 11th10amAustralian Championship Round 11
Classic Major Round 5Australian Reserves Round 11
Classic Minor Round 5Classic Major Round 11
2:30pmAustralian Championship Round 6Classic Minor Round 11
Australian Reserves Round 65pmClosing Ceremony
Classic Major Round 6
Classic Minor Round 6

Community Events

These events are held at Glenunga HUB primarily with some at Glenunga International High School.

DateVenueStart TimeEnd TimeActivityEntry Fee
Sat 6th
ACC Rest
Glenunga Hub10am12.30pmSimul with WGM Julia Ryjanova$20 per person
12pmEnd of DayCasual GamesFREE
2pm4pmSimul with IM Gary Lane$20 per person
Sun 7th10am2pmCome and learn chessFREE
2pmEnd of DayCasual GamesFREE
Thu 11th
ACC Ends

Fri 12thGlenunga IHS11am1.30pmIM Masterclass with IM Leonid Sandler
Limited to 16 entries. Attendees should have an ACF rating of +1100. Exceptions may be permitted.
$100.00 per person
2pm4.30pmWGM Masterclass with WGM Jilin Zhang
Limited to 16 entries. Attendees should have an ACF rating of +1100. Exceptions may be permitted.
$100.00 per person
Sat 13th
AJCC Begins
Glenunga Hub10am2pmAllegro Tournament | 15+3, 5 rounds$10.00
2pm4.30pmSimul with IM Leonid Sandler$20 per person
Sun 14th10am2pmCome and learn chessFREE
2pm4.30pmBlitz Tournament | 5+3, 9 rounds$10.00
Sat 20thGlenunga Hub10am2pmAllegro Tournament | 15+3, 5 rounds$10.00

3pmEnd of DayCasual GamesFREE
Sun 21st
10am12.30pmBlitz Tournament | 5+3, 9 rounds$10.00
12.30pm3.30pmCasual GamesFREE
Fri 26th10am4.30pm2024 Frewville Foodland Glenunga Rapid | 25+10, rounds 1-5$45 Adult
$40 Concession
Sat 27th10am4pm2024 Frewville Foodland Glenunga Rapid | 25+10 rounds 6-9
Please note: alterations or additions may be made to this schedule


Paid Exhibition
Community Engagement
Community Workshop